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17:31pm, 23rd November 2014
Current weather conditions:
Broke up a bit toward the end of the day.
weather condition Precipitation:
Heavy in the morning, then tapered off.
precipitation condition
Temperature (base):
0C Wind conditions:
North wind, just enough to move some branches.
wind condition
Temperature (mountain top):


A post-earthquake note (nothing snow-related to report just yet, unfortunately). We were really close to the epicenter, it seems. Felt that way.

It was a big one! As big as any I've been in here in nearly 20 years. The windows started to rattle, then things moved, and then everything seemed to go liquid—lamps were swinging, everything was banging and shaking and jumping.

Not fun.

We've had aftershocks throughout the day, but luckily there has been no report of any major damage in the area. I did hear that avalanches were set off in Tateyama, to the west of us and Hakuba, by the earthquake, but fortunately we don't have much snow up on the hill yet. Still not sure if there were any landslides, though. Always a concern in the tight valleys around here.

Well, back to waiting! Nothing on the coming forecast, but not to worry. Yet.

Myoko Now ski lift operation notes:

Nothing yet

Observed snowfall in the last 14 days

Observed snowfall in this season

Akakura Kanko Resort:

0cm snowfall in the last 7 days
0cm snowfall in November 2014
0cm snowfall since the beginning of the season

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Akakura Kanko Resort
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