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8:58am, 22nd December 2014
Current weather conditions:
Cloud and poor visibility
weather condition Precipitation:
Snow coming down nicely now
precipitation condition
Temperature (base):
-3C Wind conditions:
Light NNW
wind condition
Temperature (mountain top):


Fresh snow to report this morning from Hakuba.

Around 5cm on the ground here by my place in the village but resorts around the valley reporting around 10cm at base and up to 30cm on upper slopes overnight.

It's coming down very nicely at the moment as well, so the cm should be building up quite quickly once again if this continues.

Visibility generally poor.. it's the price we must pay for heavy snow.

Those who brave the conditions this morning will be rewarded with some fine fresh snow conditions. Those who wait until tomorrow - looks like they'll be able to enjoy the fresh conditions with clearer skies above Hakuba....decent chance of sun making an appearance tomorrow and it'll be slightly warmer as well.

Do keep an eye on the data below as I do go through them all and update each morning... wouldn't want you to miss those updates! Takes time to get it all together each day. Gambarimasu.


Official snow depth numbers and operations as of 22nd December 2014. Subject to change during the day:

Hakuba Goryu:
Reporting 30cm of new snowfall at Alps Daira, now official 2.5m snow depth up there.
All lifts operating except Alps Daira 2&4 and Toomi Number 2 Pair lift.
All courses open except Adventure Course.
Night skiing at Toomi every day until 31st March.

- Alps Daira - 250cm
- Toomi - 175cm
- Iimori - 150cm


Hakuba 47:
Reporting 10cm at base and 20cm of fresh snowfall on upper slopes this morning. 5cm during the day yesterday as well on mountain.
All courses open.
Tree Riding Zone not open yet.

- Upper - 215cm
- Lower - 120cm


Reporting 10cm of new snowfall on the upper slopes this morning.
Most courses at Happo-one are now open.
The Kokusai Lift closed early on because of heavy snow fall on the safety nets.
Snow Chao Kids Park is now open.
Happo Banks The Snow Park not yet open.

- Usagidaira - 210cm
- Nakiyama - 120cm
- Sakka - 120cm


Hakuba Cortina:
Reporting 10cm of new snowfall at base and 20cm on upper areas.
Lifts 3, 5 and 7 not open - resort part open (Giant, Rabbit, Snake, Kamoshika not yet open).
Night skiing every day until 31st March.

- Upper - 245cm
- Lower - 155cm


Tsugaike Kogen:
Most areas of Tsugaike Kogen are now open, most notably the Uma-no-se course not yet open.
Han-no-ki Number 3 Quad and Han-no-ki high speed pair lifts delayed due to clearing snow.
Next night skiing is from 27th December through 1st January in both Kane-no-naru-oka and Karamatsu-Shirakaba areas.

- Tsuga-no-mori - 260cm
- Maruyama - 210cm
- Kane-no-naru-oka - 160cm


Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field:
Reporting 0-5cm of fresh snowfall.
Resort is part open.

- Upper - 170cm
- Lower - 90cm


Hakuba Norikura Onsen:
Reporting 10cm of fresh snowfall.
Resort is part open.

- 200cm


All areas now open.
Night skiing every day until 31st March.

- 120cm

Hakuba Now ski lift operation notes:

All resorts now open

Observed snowfall in the last 14 days

Photo 1
Photo 2

Observed snowfall in this season

Hakuba Goryu:

87cm snowfall in the last 7 days
196cm snowfall in December 2014
196cm snowfall since the beginning of the season

Hakuba Cortina:

115cm snowfall in the last 7 days
230cm snowfall in December 2014
230cm snowfall since the beginning of the season

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Hakuba Goryu
New snowfall* 5cm
Current snow 175cm
Previous day 175cm
Hakuba Cortina
New snowfall* 10cm
Current snow 155cm
Previous day 180cm

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