Snow and weather reports posted on Tuesday 12th December 2017

Yuzawa Now!

Friday 9th October 2015, 8:45am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Hello and welcome back to the Yuzawa Now reports.

It doesn't seem that long ago when the season was ending but now with just 6 weeks to go until Kagura plans to open for the season, all thoughts are back on winter again. (Were they ever anywhere else?)

Since that last report the Fuji Rock Festival came and went, and then we had a hot and sometimes very wet summer. September saw a lot of rain as well, with temperatures that certainly felt lower than usual. Summer didn't linger this year. The last week or so we have had some fine weather conditions and hopefully over the next month we will be able to enjoy some fine autumn weather. Here's to some fantastic autumn colours this year.

If you have not seen it yet, do take a look at the new Travel section on SnowJapan. It's over 100 pages of travel details covering many of the most popular ski and snowboard regions of Japan - including Yuzawa of course. Here it is:

You want planned opening dates? Here's a few for a start....

Saturday November 21st 2015
Kagura - Mitsumata

Saturday December 5th 2015
Joetsu Kokusai

Saturday December 12th 2015
Kagura - Tashiro
Maiko Snow Resort

Friday December 18th 2015
Ishiuchi Maruyama
Yuzawa Nakazato

Saturday December 19th 2015
GALA Yuzawa
NASPA Ski Garden

Remember, these are just the plans.... it will all depend on how the snow falls, of course.

We'll try to update this page now once a week until the lifts start moving.   Read more ...

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