Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 7th May 2017

Niseko Now!

Tuesday 28th October 2014, 9:12am
Weather conditions: Cloudy, light snow clearing
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
A month or so has passed since my first post-summer report and today I bring news of the first snowfall at base here in the Niseko area.

Yes, the base village area here is covered in a nice new fluffy layer of snow, with around 5cm of it around where I am. It's all looking winter-mode all of a sudden and feeling nice and chilly as well with the thermometer showing me a temperature just creeping above the zero mark.

At the moment there is lots of cloud around but there have been some glimpses of the sun as well from time to time.

We can't expect this snow to stick around of course - warming up a bit from tomorrow and probably more sun than snow for the second half of the week - but the first snow in village is always one of those events to celebrate every year!

Preparations for the coming season continue apace.

The first ski lifts hope to get moving on Saturday 22nd November.

Niseko Now updates will get more regular over the coming weeks before clicking into 'daily' when the lifts start.   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Tuesday 28th October 2014, 12:40pm
Weather conditions: Mixed rain/snow and sun
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 5cm
Its a happy hello after a nice mild summer.

We have had our first snow on the ground today after being teased for the past few weeks with snow on the opposing mountains.

Actually was a bit more then I thought we would get with around 5cm underfoot. Didn't take long for the sun to pop out and reduce it to a scatter but that winter feeling we forget each year is starting to return.

We will get more taste over the next few weeks before its in full swing and we are looking for an opening at the end of November.   Read more ...

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