Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 18th February 2018

Yuzawa Now!

Thursday 20th November 2014, 8:37am
Weather conditions: Mostly cloud, some sun forecast
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Morning from Yuzawa. It's not raining though many roads remain wet this morning. There's lots of cloud/fog around early on but the forecast is for the sun to be making appearances today and possibly for temperatures down here at town level to hit 10 degrees this afternoon. For now, at 8:30am, it's 2 degrees outside. More sun is likely tomorrow along with temperatures warming up a bit more than today.

So it's not looking like we'll see any new snowfall before the planned opening of Kagura on early Saturday morning. More like sun.

There's still no confirmed news from the resort, so it'll be my report tomorrow when I am able to bring you more details. They do plan to have an 'Open Event' at the Mitsumata Ropeway base from 1pm until 4pm on Saturday, complete with tonjiru and oshiruko soup. (I don't know about you, but if I am geared up for my first day in the snow, I think I'll be up there on the slopes rather than down by the ropeway base station!)

Until tomorrow's report...


Here are the planned opening dates for ski resorts in Yuzawa Town:

Saturday 22nd November:

Saturday 6th December:
Kagura Tashiro

Saturday 13th December:

Friday 19th December:
Yuzawa Nakazato
Yuzawa Kogen
Yuzawa Park

Saturday 20th December:
NASPA Ski Garden
GALA Yuzawa
Ludens Yuzawa
Nakazato Snow Wood
Yuzawa Kogen (Nunoba area)
Kandatsu Kogen

Let's hope that nature co-operates!

List up of the resorts from Minamionuma coming soon.   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Thursday 20th November 2014, 9:02am
Weather conditions: Cloud, some blue sky
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 20cm
There's some sun and blue sky above the region this morning. Still a lot of cloud hanging around but no new snowfall to report. The local forecast is for more of that sun and blue sky during the day today with temperatures rising to around +5 degrees. They should drop back down into minus numbers overnight.

Tomorrow we're still down for rain unfortunately, with things warming up a bit more than they will today. The best we can hope for tomorrow really is for as little rain as possible, perhaps some snow higher up.

Hopefully we'll have some more details about the plans for Saturday that I can post in the Niseko Now report tomorrow.


Planned opening dates for the different resort areas on the mountain:

Niseko Grand Hirafu - Saturday 22nd November
Niseko Annupuri Kokusai - Saturday 22nd November
Niseko Village - Monday 1st December
Niseko Hanazono - Saturday 6th December

Subject to snow!   Read more ...

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