Snow and weather reports posted on Friday 24th November 2017

Niseko Now!

Friday 19th September 2014, 7:34am
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy, some blue
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Good morning, hello and welcome to my first report after the end of last season!

Yes, after a summer of somewhat 'confused' weather here in Japan, we're already in the second half of September. Things are starting to cool down and we can almost credibly say that the next snow season is around the corner.

One reason we can say that of course is because Hokkaido has seen it's first snow of the season. Last week it was Asahidake, which I think I am correct in saying is traditionally the first place to get sprinkled on, but closer to home as temperatures dropped the first snow on Mt Yotei was visible yesterday.

Exciting stuff!

Of course, the official ski season is still quite a while off - think late November - but it's always great to see that first bit of snow.

Lots of busy people around town of course. The colder conditions and first reports of snow seems to kick a few people who were still enjoying summer into action!

Construction workers have been busy preparting the new fancy heated footpaths along Hirafu-zaka. That's going to be a welcome addition, I have myself slipped up on there more than once in a hurry to get places.

Further updates coming as the season approaches. And of course, daily Niseko Now updates once the lifts start moving.
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