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Wednesday 19th October 2011, 16:07pm
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It’s a perfect autumn day in Myoko; a big blue sky (why does everything seems so much bigger this time of the year?), the trees in full color, Mt. Myoko standing tall.... It would be hard to believe that we’ll be neck-deep in snow in no time except that in fact we already had some snow up on the mountain. Your correspondent was lucky enough to be up in it, leading a group from Okinawa (most who had never seen snow) as 20cm or so fell while we slept in one of the huts. It meant not being able to climb Mt. Myoko, but nobody seemed to mind, and I love that feeling and smell of the first snow. You know good things lie ahead.

Not many changes ahead for the coming season. All the areas will be opening as usual; no new lifts (and none added to the list of idled/intermittent operations). I’ll add any news as it comes in, but for now no news is probably pretty good news.

The only thing that’s impossible to tell is how many visitors from overseas we can expect. Online early reservations are way down, everyone is saying; might be the Tohoku worries, might be that super-strong yen (great for us going home to shop; not so good fort hose coming with dollars, Euros, won, etc.). Myoko had a ton of high-school and college sports groups up for extended training sessions, many of whom would normally be in Tohoku but decided to come to the “safety” of Myoko. It’s true that there is no direct effect on us from the things that have happened in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but we do feel bad for hotel and resort people on the Pacific coast. It doesn’t seem that dangerous apart from localized problems.

But enough on world events; skiing is the story and Myoko’s all ready. Of, yeah, I do see a little paint being added to roofs and a little sprucing up here and there, but otherwise it will be the same old friendly place with lots and lots of snow. Hope to see you on what might be (even more than normal) uncrowded slopes!


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