Snow and weather reports posted on Tuesday 21st November 2017

Furano Now!

Thursday 19th November 2015, 8:01am
Weather conditions: Looks like it will burn off to bluebird but cannot be certain.
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
It's cold, Jim, but not as we know it.

Minus five Celcius in Kitanomine Village at 7am today.

PHOTO 1 is the resort, not much more to say on that, stay tuned...
PHOTO 2 is a polished stone table setting at a nearby shrine, chilly for a picnic today but vey pretty.

So from tomorrow, last I checked, there were three days of snow forecast soon. Starting tonight or tomorrow.

The upper air clouds to look like they are waving along, heralding a change.

Much to do--today is likely to be the last winter prep day of 2015.

But we shall see.

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Niseko Now!

Thursday 19th November 2015, 12:26pm
Weather conditions: Mix of clear sky and cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Hello from a still snow-less Hirafu as we await all of the action to begin.

Yesterday, Niseko Grand Hirafu resort announced the inevitable postponed opening of the resort. The original plan of course was this coming Saturday, but it's now basically a case of 'as soon as there's enough snow'.

It's definitely colder this morning, but for the moment quite a lot of blue sky, out to the east towards Mt Yotei anyway - there's more cloud over the mountains in this direction, but no snowfall. The forecast is looking more encouraging though going forward over the weekend with cold conditions and a good chance of snow... how much remains to be seen of course.

I will be bringing you news of any snow of course as and when. From this weekend I am on standby for daily duties throughout the season.

I hope you will join me every day. Please do tell your friends about these Niseko Now reports too - the more readership we have, the more pressure on me to deliver! ;)


Planned opening dates for the Niseko resorts:

Niseko Grand Hirafu: as soon as there's enough snow
Niseko Annupuri: Saturday 28th November
Niseko Village: Tuesday 1st December
Niseko HANAZONO: Saturday 5th December

'Nighta' should be starting on Saturday 12th December


Another new page on SnowJapan - along with the "observed snowfall charts" that were launched mid-season in February, there's now an archive page here:   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Thursday 19th November 2015, 12:52pm
Weather conditions: Fog
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 0cm
Yesterday was rather mild but it is colder this morning here in Zao.

White-out conditions as well... though sadly with fog rather than with snow! So no snow to report right now - and nothing looking likely in the upcoming week - but locals are busy still with preparations for the upcoming season.

I'll post another report next week with an update.   Read more ...

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