Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 28th May 2018

Myoko Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 8:57am
Weather conditions: Cloudy over the mountains, sunny to the south and east
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Today looks like a non-news day, at least for snow, so let's be predictive instead. The charming young ladies on Newsbird on my satellite TV dial tell us that we can see something around 40cm of fresh snow arriving tomorrow (and I do want to trust a pair of fresh 18-year-olds more than some grizzled meteorologist in a plaid jacket). It already looks like some snow may be falling high up on the mountain, so it's a day of hope, even as our previous snow cover continues to thin out day by day.

Maybe we will make the openings later this week after all!

The official (planned) openings for the ski areas are:

Akakura Kanko Ski Area (Akakan): December 17
Akakura Onsen Ski Area: mid-December
Ikenotaira Ski Area: December 17
Myoko Suginohara: December 23
Madarao Kogen Ski Area: Pre-open December 10-11; full open December 16
Seki Onsen Ski Area: no official date posted for this year (December 1 last season)
Tangram Madarao: December 17

These dates are when they officially open, of course; if there's no snow, they won't be opening; if there's heavy snow, many will open earlier. We'll keep you posted!


All resorts closed    Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:04am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
So yesterday we had some sun, then lots of cloud started to roll in late morning and into the afternoon and by late afternoon it was raining.

This morning has started off with grey cloud cover though I can see in places the clouds breaking up and right now it looks like the sun is peeping through down in the Kagura/Naeba region of Yuzawa. Having said that, rain (town)/snow (higher areas) is forecast for later on in the day - but nothing to get too excited about in terms of possible new cm of snow.

Right now it is about 4 degrees in town with a high of 5 or 6 degrees forecast for the day.


Up at Kagura, unfortunately we are back to the shuttle bus taking people from the top of the Mitsumata Ropeway to the base of the Kagura Gondola. The Mitsumata lifts were doing that job over the weekend but the lack of snow now means it's shuttle bus time again.

Courses open at Kagura - Main course, Panorama course, Technical course, Giant course, Gondola course.

Courses open at Tashiro - Rakuraku course, Tashiro Ladies course, No1 quad connecting course, Skyline course, Tashiro Ariesuka course, Tashiro-ko course.

At Naeba, the No5 quad is servicing the No 4 and No 5 courses.   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:18am
Weather conditions: Generally cloudy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It was quite a busy weekend up on the slopes at Kagura - a lot of people needing those first tracks of the season. With no other resorts really open yet, everyone heads for Kagura (or Naeba).

This morning there is a lot of cloud around. Last night we got a bit of, what shall I call it, sleet and there's just a slight dusting this morning. The cloud I mentioned though has some breaks in it and actually as I am typing this the sun is trying to show through. Forecast is actually for cloud and possibly light snow later on. So a bit of a mash up today.

At Naeba this morning, the No5 quad is servicing the No 4 and No 5 courses.

At Kagura (Mitsumata), unfortunately we are back to the shuttle bus taking people from the top of the Mitsumata Ropeway to the base of the Kagura Gondola. The Mitsumata lifts were doing that job over the weekend but the lack of snow now means it's shuttle bus time again.

Courses open at Kagura - Main course, Panorama course, Technical course, Giant course, Gondola course.

Courses open at Tashiro - Rakuraku course, Tashiro Ladies course, No1 quad connecting course, Skyline course, Tashiro Ariesuka course, Tashiro-ko course.

Please note that there is no connection yet between the Tashiro and Kagura areas.   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:25am
Weather conditions: Cloud, fog
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday, the Utopia No1 pair lift also eventually opened up and so now we have three pair lifts moving as well as the ropeways at Zao.

There isn't masses of snow yet, but actually conditions out there were surprisingly good - and I don't think that's just some rose-tinted first ski thing talking. It felt good to get out there again.

This morning it is a cloudy/foggy one with very poor visibility. We can perhaps expect a bit of snow during the day and tonight, but nothing major. Looking forward to the forecast, things look set to get (even) colder later in the week and hopefully we can see a run of consistent snowfall that will build up those snow depths.

Here's hoping for a good, positive season for Zao. After all that happened in March last season, I think everyone deserves it!

Official snow depths (12th Dec '11)

Utopia - 30cm
Chuo - 45cm
Paradise - 35cm
Uwanodai - 10cm

Operating lifts (12th Dec '11)
All Ropeways (Skycable, Zao Chuo Ropeway, Zao Ropeway)
Chuo No1 Pair
Zao Paradise Pair
Utopia No1 Pair   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:31am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After that fine start to the day yesterday, clouds started to move in and by the end of the day it was a moody sky up there. Some sleet falling as well to join in the fun, but we are not treated to much white goodness this morning.

This morning is bright but cloudy with a current temperature of -2 degrees. The forecast is for a settled day of cloud/fair conditions, perhaps a chance of a slight snow shower overnight but followed by a few days of clear conditions.

Things still look set to get much colder from Thursday when we can expect snow into the weekend. Fingers crossed it will be something significant.

Official snow depths [12th Dec 11]:
Takamagahara Mammoth - 20cm
Ichinose Family - 30cm
Kumanoyu - 30cm
Yakebitaiyama - 35cm
Terakoya - 30cm

Resorts part open [12th Dec 11]:
Takamagahara Mammoth - one triple lift
Ichinose Family - two pair lifts
Kumanoyu - two pair lifts
Yakebitaiyama - one pair lift, one quad lift
(Higashiyama gondola operating and part of Terakoya open for pole training)   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:58am
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy, blue skies
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Hakuba is actually quite balmy today and the snow we had yesterday morning is rapidly melting. Pretty much all the snow in the village is melted off or will melt off today. Although at higher elevations the snow should remain intact and the base should not change too much on the slope(s) that are open.

The weather is looking quite nice for the start of this week and progressively getting colder and more chance of snow coming in later in the week.

Currently open resorts are Goryu (just Alps Dai ichi pair lift) Hakuba 47 (line 8). You need to ride the Goryu gondola to access the upper run shared by Hakuba 47 and Goryu.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 13th), Happo One is planning to open the Kurobishi run with access via the Gondola. They plan to open up at 9:10am and run through until 4pm with specially discounted tickets for the first few days.

Please do keep in mind that the snow is shallow and there are lots of rocks, shrubs and things poking out.

We are getting stoked on the prospect of having all our resorts here in Hakuba open. With any luck the snow will come soon and we will be able to ski top to bottom!   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 9:59am
Weather conditions: Cloud, fine
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Second day of the season. First day saw people out there in the fine weather (in the morning at least) and enjoying getting in those first turns of the season. With Yamabiko and Uenotaira open, it's a fair sized amount of space to play in and by all accounts conditions were good. While the snow has retreated from the village and lower parts of the resort, there's decent cover up top and the resort reports an official snow depth of 45cm. Remember, Nozawa has a big vertical.... Yamabiko is a long way up from the village.

It is a cloudy start to the day this morning but more blue skies are opening up. I'd say it will turn into a fine day. The next few days we will probably see generally clearer conditions as well. The good news is that snow is due Thursday and Friday, with temperatures taking a dive towards the end of the week. Lots of snowfall please!!

Current Official Snow Depths Numbers:



Current Lift operations:
Nagasaka Gondola
Yamabiko quads
Uenotaira quad   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 10:42am
Weather conditions: light snow, overcast, patches of blue
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday was one of the days Niseko lived up to the moniker The Powder Factory, it just didnt stop all day, the icy pellet like snow that was falling as yesterdays report went out soon gave way to fantastically light powder that just kept coming and coming.

Currently temperatures hovering at -3 at the base with up top temperatures feeling around -11 with the wind chill factor, dropping much further with stronger gusts coming in this afternoon so take precautions against frostbite up there.

Hirafu busy again this morning with lots of punters lining up to get on the gondola, lift operations much the same as yesterday, still not everything running but it can't be long now until the top lifts open and everything is nicely linked

Current lift operations at time of writing (subject to change depending on conditions)

Hirafu family pair, Ace Quad, Ace Pair 3 and Hooded pair 3 (operation slowed), swinging monkey and holiday pair running. Gondola also running

Gondola, jumbo quad and Pair 2 and Annupuri Pair 3 running.

Niseko Village:
Banzai, Mori no and Community chair and Gondola running

Hanazono lift 1,2 and 3 running   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 12:34pm
Weather conditions: Medium snow
New snowfall: 25cm
Snow depth: 90cm
There was 20cm of fresh snow overnight and since then there has been a further 5cm accumulation.

The snow is slightly heavier powder which will be absolutely fantastic to help bulk up the base. The snow conditions on the mountain are far superior to what they were at the same time last year.

All eyes are now on the Kitanomine side and we are waiting to see if the target opening date of Dec 16 will be achieved.

The winter weather is forecast to continue through until next weekend and we should see more snowfall during that period.   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Monday 12th December 2011, 17:09pm
Weather conditions: Overcast
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Bit more snow up top again today and it started closing in quite quickly this afternoon so it looks as if it will snow up on Tenjin overnight too. It was a reasonably warm one down in the valley and threatened rain for most of the day after a clear start. It looks like this weather is set to continue for most of the week with snow showers likely. Could be too little too late for the lower resorts to open this weekend but we will have to wait and see. Fingers crossed.   Read more ...

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